Your Guide To Picking the Right Inline Skate Wheels

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I receive calls on a regular basis from parents wondering what kind of inline skates to purchase for their children. One of the biggest questions relates to the wheels. What size wheel should they look for and how do you take care of the skate wheels after you have purchased them?

First of all, there is no best size wheel for a child; however if your child is young or just learning to skate, you should definitely pick a smaller wheel. I would recommend a size 72 to 74mm would be appropriate. Wheel sizes can go all the way up to over 100mm. Wheels that size are for very experienced skaters. Once a child has learned how to skate, picking a size 80mm would be in order. In general, the larger the size give a faster skating experience. The larger wheels also last longer. The smaller wheels will give a young or new skater a lot more control and stability.

You can always change them to a larger size depending upon your skate. Some inline skates can accommodate any size, but others will not hold the larger sizes. Check before you buy your skates.

Secondly, remember that wheels do not last forever. In order to get more life out of them, you need to rotate them from time to time. Normally, most inline skates have four wheels in straight line. You will notice wear earliest on the insides of the wheel and frequently the front and back wheels will wear out first. To rotate the wheels remove them from one skate and put them on the other. Also put the two outer wheels on the inside when you do the rotation. Doing this will make your skates last a little longer, but, of course, you will then find it necessary to purchase another set of wheels.

When looking for wheels, do not just look at the color and the beauty of the wheel. Of course you want a nice looking wheel, but it is very important to get the correct wheel. If you do most of your skating outside, look for a wheel with a hardness of 78 to 82A. The lower the number the softer the wheel. If you are skating inside a rink, you can go with a harder wheel which would be something above an 85A.

There are many nice looking wheels available at stores and online. Knowing this information, you should have a great and enjoyable time skating.

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