Use smartphone to directly configure WIFI settings on BCM board

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1.Can I use the BLE on the BCM board to communicate directly with Android phone?

2.Is there a filesystem available that the application could read WIFI settings from during startup?

The goal is to be able to set ssid/password without recompile and download the BCM program.

Any advise as how to do that?



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1. Yes, BLE communication with Android Smartphone is possible (our plan is to provide WiFi provisioning via the BT/BLE interface but our example of this has not yet been released) 


2. At present the network settings can be set at compile time (see the "how to bake-in the network settings" section in the Installation Tutorial material 

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What bluetooth demo program if any availiable right now would be closets to BLE communication with Android phone?

The bt_smartbridge is scanning for BT devices , but I need to put BCM4343W in bluetooth discoverable mode so smartphone can connect to it. Is that possible, and how can I do it. 

I use build-in wifi network settings but it is not reliable escpecially if  I change project. The sequence of putting the BCM4343W in AP mode and use the web interface is not reliable. Often the WICED_AWS connection is limited, and it just hang. Maybe there is a solid way to do it, but I just don't know it yet!






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There are two new applications you can reference:


1) Sensor-to-Cloud example application just uploaded here:


2) Cypress WICED SDK 3.7.0 has a new "ble_wifi_introducer" app that accomplishes the same thing. Cypress even created an accomplanying iOS app:





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