SK2 LTE-M Reception Inside Buildings

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Hi All -

I'm testing in hospital lobbies, corridors, and above ground parking garages attached to the hospitals.  

Has anyone experienced signal loss inside buildings?  My SK2 works fine in parking garages, and lobbies but experiences signal loss inside the hospitals.  

Is there a solution?  A firmware upgrade?  Isn't LTE-M advertised to have deep building penetration?

Are there any benchmarks for AT&T LTE-M network inside buildings?  Are T-Mobile, Verizon better?

Thanks you in advance for any pointers!

Atul Davda

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Atul, the SOM will only work when it can gain access to signalling that allows it to determine a position.  When within a building with no view of the outside, it will likely not work.  A simple test would be to turn your phone's WiFi off, and see what the signal bars indicate.  I know that within hospitals and other closed buildings with a lot of metal and electronic equipment, phones will not work either.  That is why you will typically switch over and start using WiFi (this typically happens automatically in a phone). I know of no way around this, Basically, hospitals and other similar buildings are faraday cages, they often do this to protect sensitive equipment (MRI's, Xray,...) from interferance. see


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Thank you.  ATT said something similar.  Do you have an esp32 or other SOM attached for wifi / ble functionality?  -- Atul Davda