Installing JTAG on window 10

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Hello all, 

I am having an issue insatlling JTAG port. When I connect the Avnet BCM4343W IOT Starter kit
to my Window 10 system (USB cable) and follow the posted tutorial Part 1, titled- To Install, 
USB drivers and AWS Shadow (v1.1). I am stuck on page #7.
I fail to "Verify USB Driver Installed Correctly" on page 7.
I see WICED USB Serial Port (COM6) under window's Device manger - Ports(COM & LPT)
but fail to see WINCED USB JTAG Port under LibUSB-Win32 JTAG Port. Instruction on 
page 8- "Correcting USB Driver Installation-in event of failure" does not help.

I have tried following but failed to install the JTAG port. 

a. Installed WICEDSDK 3.5.2 (the IDE and SDK) per tutorial - step by step
b. Remove 3.5.2 and installed WICED Studio 5.0 IDE Installer (Windows) - no change
c. Scan through the Cypress Developer Community forum.
d. Scan through the Avent Dicussion Forms- BCM4343W Starter Board Software - found one issue
   titled "Problem with installing USB driver" - try to follw it by installing FT_Prog and try to read
   eeprom for Vendor Id and product Id but FT_Prog's Device (Scan and Parse) does not recognize
   the board.
e. Moudle is working - as I see messages on Termite (communication console) upon reset.

I am totally lost, appreciate some help installing JTAG port.

Thanks -

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To determine if the issue is specific to:
a) your Windows-10 laptop or 
b) an issue with the FTDI device on the BCM4343W board, 


try manually installing the WICED USB drivers onto a different computer
ie. using Windows File Explorer go to:
Double-click dpinst_x64.exe to run Device Driver Install Wizard
Use Device Manager to check these USB ports now list correctly…


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Thanks Peter, 

I tried per your suggestion on my 2nd computer and I see similar issue. Pointing to development board.

Maybe I am misunderstanding something as I am able to flash the development board using Avnet reflasher bat file and I am able to compile/build  (WiCed 5.0) example "snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4" andown load it development board flash using "snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 download". Upon reseting the board  I see the downloaded program running with the title message - but does not actually scan and show any computer list.   With all this downloading and brunning flash I still don't see JTAG driver in Window's device manager per the tutorial part 1. I am totally missing something.

Also what is the difference between BCM943362WCD4 and BCM4343W -? 

Do I need download Avnet platform files if I don't want to use Amazon service?

One last question - what is the difference between J-Link and JTAG?

I have googled of these question but was unable to find any good answers.

Thanks again

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Your USB drivers are working correctly if you are able to:
a) see the processor boot messages on the console screen and
b) reflash the board using the provided .bat file


In WICED SDK the "make target" that you use to launch a build + download to this board is extremely important!!! 
The example you mention (snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 download) will not work at all because it:
a) targets the wrong device and
b) does not offload any of the storage requirements to SPI flash memory


To program that scan app to the BCM4343W IoT Starter Kit please use the following make target:

snip.scan-BCM94343W_AVN download_apps download run


A USB to JTAG interface is provided on the BCM4343W IoT Starter Kit (by means of an FTDI device on this board) for programming and debug of the STM32F411 microcontroller


J-Link is a standalone debug cable that can be used to program this MCU directly (ie. used when the module is standalone and does not have this USB to JTAG support circuitry) 


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Hi Peter - Thank you very much. Got it working.

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I have the same problem, Dudes, is it a working method to solve it? I just don't know what to do

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