Connecting a third-party antenna to AT&T Starter Kit 2


I am using the AT&T Starter Kit 2. I am able to receive GPS fixes using the GPS antenna that came with the kit, but I when I connect this antenna from SparkFun ( it can't receive any  GPS fixes. 


Is this antenna incompatiable with the kit? 

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Brad, I don't know about the sparkfun antenna.  Antenna's are typically cut specifically for the frequency they are to be used on.  sometimes, you can substitute one for another and even though it is not tuned for the system, the signal is strong enough that it works.  I suspect that is the problem with the Sparkfun antenna; it is not optimized for the WNC part so while it may work in a strong signal environment, GPS is inherantly a weak signal environment and thus it doesn't work. Hope this helps.

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The GPS RF front-end of the AT&T Starter Kit 2 includes an LNA with 17 dB of gain. The Sparkfun GPS active antenna that you linked to, has an LNA with another 28 dB of gain! 


Two LNAs delivering that much gain will saturate the input stage of the GPS receiver in the WNC module.