Access to UART pins between the BT module and an STM32F4 processor

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For debugging, I am trying to answer the question whether the UART communications between the BT module and the STM32F4 processor is using RTS/CTS flow control.

I am using the WICED BT stack on the Avnet BCM4343W IoT Starter kit BT module, and I would like to observe the RTS/CTS behavior on a logic analyzer.   I do not see these signals available on the AES-BCM4343W-M1-G card edge connectors, nor the Avnet board's shield connectors.   

I do not have access to the internal schematic of the AES-BCM4343W-M1-G module. Are the RTS/CTS/RXD/TXD signals between the STM32F4 processor and the BT module accessible anywhere on the board?   I just want to verify that the WICED stack behaves the same way on the Avnet board as the Nucleo board.


Rob Lieb


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Would be nice to know for me,too.

Maybe a Ball Map or a Pin Out would be helpful.


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