ST Microelectronics / Verizon LTE-M IoT Starter Kit

Get your next cellular IoT project off the ground with the ST Microelectronics / Verizon LTE-M IoT Starter Kit, which combines best in-class processing, connectivity, cloud capabilities, credited Verizon open development end-device certification, and an IoT Developer plan. Together, the kit provides all the necessary hardware, tools, and services to enable development across a wide range of IoT applications. The development kit is powered by a board set, combining an ST Discovery Kit IoT Node featuring a STM32L4 microcontroller, multiple sensors and assorted RF technologies with an LTE Cat M1 / NB-IoT modem plug-in module. The rich hardware solution enables a wide range of IoT use cases and sets the embedded IoT product developer on the path to creating rapid prototypes and proof-of-concepts. The software provided enables fast cellular based prototyping and is fully reusable for cost optimized production, providing a significant gain in time to market. It provides a set of API calls allowing non- cellular experts to very quickly develop end applications. All the cellular complexity is abstracted for modem initialization, modem commands, error management, and facilitating Verizon final device certification.


A sensor to cloud example application is provided based on Microsoft Azure and IoT Central dashboard.


A Verizon Open Development Certified Solution


Target Applications


  •  Asset Tracking

  •  Factory Automation

  •  Smart City

  •  Smart Building

  •  Smart Agriculture




STM32 Discovery Board Features

•  Ultra-low-power STM32L4 Series

         –  Microcontroller based on Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with 1 Mbyte of
             Flash memory and 128 Kbytes of SRAM, in LQFP100 package

•  Multiple Sensors:

         –  2 digital microphones (MP34DT01), Humidity and
             temperature sensor (HTS221)

         –  3D magnetometer (LIS3MDL), 3D accelerometer and
             3D gyroscope (LSM6DSL)

         –  Pressure sensor (LPS22HB), Time-of-Flight proximity sensor (VL53L0X)

•  RF Communications:

         –  Bluetooth® V4.1 module (SPBTLE-RF)

         –  Sub-GHz RF module (SPSGRF-915)

         –  802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi® module (ISM43362-M3G-L44)

         –  Dynamic NFC tag (M24SR) with its printed NFC antenna

•  LEDs, 2 push-buttons (user and reset)

•  USB OTG FS with Micro-AB connector

•  On-board ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer

•  Arduino™ UNO V3 connector

•  LTE Modem Features

         –  Quectel BG96 LTE Cat M1 multi-band module offers a compact design

         –  Conversion board from Arduino™ to STMod+ 20 pins connector

         –  SIM card socket

         –  E2Prom for additional configuration memory

         –  SMA port for the cellular antenna

•  Downloadable tutorials and documentation


Block Diagram: Download PDF

What's Included: 
STM32 Discovery Board (B-L475E-IOT01A)
ST Adaptation board (X-NUCLEO-STMODA1)
ST LTE modem (B-CELLNB1)
ST Cat M1 SIM Card w/Verizon profile
Taoglas LTE antenna (bands 13 and 4)