LTE IoT Breakout Carrier

The LTE IoT Breakout Carrier is an expansion board that facilitates system-level prototyping with the 2nd generation AT&T LTE IoT Starter Kit (USA), or Global LTE IoT Starter Kit (Europe) 
These LTE Cat-4 IoT Starter Kits feature versatile Avnet SOMs that support cellular connectivity, GPS location tracking, built-in sensors, dual expansion interfaces, user application hosting as well as Starter SIMs for data and SMS service 


Via it’s Samtec ERM8 series 60-pin connector, a subset of the WNC LTE module’s peripheral interfaces (signaling at 1.8V levels) are level-shifted to 3.3V levels and pinned-out to two Click Module sockets for which over 300 different MikroElekronika Click peripheral modules are available for purchase. 


Onboard 3.3V and 1.8V regulators ensure power quality for all use cases. 


External control of the LTE System board power-down and sleep modes is facilitated via a 2x6 pin header (unpopulated), which also provides access to the module’s digital audio interface (no digital audio support is currently provided) 



• Access to key peripheral interfaces of LTE System Module via cost-reduced version of 60 pin Samtec ERM8 series connector (7mm mated connector height) 
• Level-shifting of the WNC module signals to/from 1.8V / 3.3V levels • Dual sockets for two MikroE Click peripheral modules (available from Avnet) 
• Flexible, inexpensive system prototyping capability with choice of over 300 Click peripheral modules 
• External control of LTE System board power-down and sleep modes (unpopulated 2x6 pin header, includes power control and digital audio signals) 
• Onboard 3.3V and 1.8V voltage regulators 


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Note! The LTE IoT Breakout Carrier does not include LTE IoT Starter Kit items that are included in the above images