The LTE IoT Add-on Kit enables developers to easily add cellular LTE connectivity to existing development platforms such as the Raspberry Pi and Avnet’s own MicroZed IIoT Starter Kit. Utilizing AT&T’s 4G LTE network, the kit includes all the connectivity elements required to collect sensor data, connect to the AT&T network, and utilize various cloud services for the management, storage, and analytics of a connected IoT device.


The LTE IoT Add-on Kit includes a small 3.25” x 2” cellular shield with on-board LTE module, antennas, power supply and AT&T SIM card. When combined with a developer’s processor board of choice, the kit can be used for prototyping applications targeting building and factory automation, smart agriculture, asset management, remote access, and more.


The 4G LTE cellular shield is built around the low-cost Wistron NeWeb Corp. (WNC) M14A2A LTE Cat-1 modem module. The shield supports primary and diversity external antenna connections through two onboard SMA connectors, a 3FF microSIM connector, a temperature and humidity sensor, and multiple serial link options to the host controller. Developers have the option of connecting the cellular shield to other development kits through a standard USB interface or through an Arduino™ compatible R3 UART interface.


Application development is supported by AT&T’s M2X Data Services and Flow Designer, which provides a scalable, reliable and highly secure environment for IoT-focused solutions. Additional cloud services from industry partners are also available.


What's Included:


The LTE IoT Add-on Kit contains everything you will need to be up and running in minutes:


  • • Avnet M14A2A Cellular Shield
  • • AT&T IoT SIM Starter Pack
  • • Two Pulse LTE Stealth Blade Antennas
  • • Two micro-USB Cables
  • • 5V AC/DC USB Power Supply
  • • Quick Start Card
  • • Downloadable Tutorials and Documentation


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