Designed as a wireless connectivity expansion board for Arduino™ form-factor microcontroller boards, the LSR Wireless Shield features FCC certified WiFi and BLE modules from LS Research, plus Avnet reference designs for use with ARM® Cortex™ M based Microsemi SoC and NXP MCU evaluation boards.


The onboard LS Research wireless modules are:


LSR’s Broadcom-based 802.11 bgn WiFi SoC module. Provides designers with multiple pre-engineered firmware applications and the ability to reconfigure it’s functionality via over-the-air re-programming. Antenna diversity is supported via dual onboard chip antennas plus dual U.FL connectors.


LSR’s TI CC2640-based Bluetooth Smart 4.1 (BLE) SoC module for class-leading low-power and RF performance. LSR’s new Developer Tool Suite simplifies development for fastest time to market


Other features of this board include:
- Stackable Arduino™-compatible Shield expansion connectors
- Pmod™-compatible expansion interfaces (I2C and SPI)
- Local 5V to 3.3V power regulation


Avnet reference designs are provided for two WiFi based applications (for two different platforms) :


- Cloud-connectivity agent plus cloud-service for easily generated dashboard user-interfaces
- Includes free cloud account on developer portal


- Serial communications API for simplified TCP and UDP socket connections
- Includes a connection management layer, simplifying the
software on the host MCU
- Easy implementation of M2M IoT connectivity


These reference designs are provided for the following platforms:
- Avnet SmartFusion2 KickStart Kit
- Kinetis FRDM-K22F Freedom board



What's Included: 
Avnet LSR Wireless Shield
Quick Start Card
Downloadable Getting Started Guide, Hardware User Guide
SmartFusion2 TiWiConnect reference design (plus additional online technical documents)