WNC_ADB unauthorized MacOS

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I have the att  LTE starter kit, and I'm not able to get it up and running. i've hit problem after problem, and there's simply insufficient information out there to adequately troubleshoot. 

The internal program that is suppoused to launch some code to connect to the network and transmit a packet of information appears to be not working. The user guide explains that the internal address which the devices uses to identify itself with the network is the probable issue, this requires us to connect the device to a computer to correct the issue. 

Enter ADB. I'm working on a MacOS (latest software level). I have followed (I think?) the installation procedure for adb, and I am at the dreaded part where adb is supposed to find the device attached. 

I keep running into trouble with the adbkey.pub file. I create the file making usre that .pub is its extension, make sure the internals say wnc000000, but as soon as I run adb, every single time, the file contents are modified, goes from 9 bytes to 717 or 719 bytes. The proposed solution in the user guide, is to inidividually start the server and then perform the adv devices command. I have tried this, and the situation does not change. The ultimate solution to this problem in the user guide is to repeat this process ad nauseam. I've tried it at least 40 times now, and I don't think its going to change its mind any time soon. 

One trick i tried to use is to lock the adbkey.pub file so that the software cannot write to it. This worked as far keeping the contents of the file unchanged, wnc000000 is still there, and its still only 9 bytes, but the system still returns WNC_ADB unauthrozied. I have tried to do this both as user, and as sudo, every combination possible. 

Can anyone please shed light as to what the software is actually trying to do so that maybe I can troubleshoot it a little bit more effectively? I don't understand what this whole process is for, and why the software keeps writing to a file when the user guide says its not supposed to.

It'd be even better if one of you has the solution to this annoying issue.

Thanks for your time, looking forward to hearing from you all!