WNC model does not connect to AT&T network

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Hi, I am having the same problem: WNC Module IS NOT initialized (00).

AWS IoT SDK Version(dev) 1.1.2-
Using #defines in aws_iot_config.h and certs from certs.cpp for AWS config.
Init sensors...
Init interrupts...
Net Boot...
Booting WNC modem...
...Using Avnet Shield and AT&T wireless LTE

Toggling Wakeup...
Toggling complete.
WNC Module IS NOT initialized (00).
ERROR: DHCP failed.
Running Out-of-Box Function (alternate demo).
Connecting with a3twzydgtaxcr2.iot.us-west-2.amazonaws.com

ERROR:  failed
                 ! mbedtls_net_connect returned -0x1

ERROR: ...TLS Connect failed, return error
ERROR: Error(-3) connecting to a3twzydgtaxcr2.iot.us-west-2.amazonaws.com:8883

Set Auto Reconnect...
READY TO PUBLISH! Press SW3 button to publish current data.
--> sleep (attempting to reconnect)


We have other two boards that are working fine with the same firmware version (both NXP and WNC got updated). The only difference we noted is that the ones working are from a S/N G21PG5xxxxxxxx while the falty one has a S/N G21PG47xxxxxxxxxx


Also, running the Flow and M2X tutorial I am getting this (showing that the APN is setup correctly but the socket does not seem to be calling as expected):

Send: AT
Send: ATE1
Send: AT%PDNSET=1,m2m.com.attz,IP
[32mModem RE-initializing...[39m

Thank you.

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Hi, Sorry you are having trouble with this.  I would suggest that you return the bad board while you are within the return window.  It seems likely (since the other 2 boards are working) it is a hardware problem.


Best regards