Windows does not recognize COM Port with modem board attached

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I've updated the firmware for the FRDM64 board and am using CoolTerm for my terminal application. When the FRDM board (alone) is connected to my computer with the USB cable, Windows recognizes the COM Port. However, when I attach the modem board, Windows no longer registers the COM Port previously recognized.  Any suggestions? Thanks.

After you connect the shield board, you are still connecting to the USB port on the K64F board correct? Also, when you power the boards up, be sure to power-up the Shield first, then the K64F board.  If you follow that sequence and connection, there should be no reason why the board would stop responding that I can think of.

BTS, the USB port on the modem/Shield board is only for power. It communicates with the K64F board via the UART which uses a pair of the pins on the header.

I just received my new board.  I'm having the same problem, Windows doesn't not recognize com port.  I have not updated the firmware.

Marty, you need to supply some additional information, Like what board did you get, what PC are you connecting to it (Windows, Linux, Mac). Did you install the drivers. Are any LED's active when you plug it in, did you go through the tutorial, etc.