Wi-Fi Roaming. Flow contorl.

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Please respond to the following questions:
1. Can Wi-Fi modules to provide fast switching between access points with the same SSID? What is the maximum duration of a break in data transmission by TCP when switching between access points when using WPA2-PSK and data flow of about 140 kilobytes per second?
2. Allow the modules to control the communication quality with the access point?
3. Allow the modules to perform background scanning of Wi-Fi networks?
4. Keep the modules TCP connection when switching between access points?
5. Is it possible to know how much data the module is successfully sent via TCP before the connection failed?
6. As modules control the flow of TCP data from host?
7. As the host controls the flow of TCP data from the module?


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These questions are specific to the Cypress IP and will be best answered in the Cypress WICED Wi-Fi technical forum.


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