Where is the BTLE API Documentation for WICED 3.5.2 SDK?

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Where is the BTLE API Documentation for WICED 3.5.2 SDK?



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Please refer to the answer on this topic posted on Broadcom WICED WiFi forum: 



I wouldn't necessarily say this is solved. The topic on the WICED WiFi forum basically says that there is no doc for bluetooth on the BCM4343W so just look at the examples. The examples can get a person only so far. What would be nice would be simply an availability date from Broadcom for the documentation. If this is the level of support Broadcom is going to provide for bluetooth on the WiFi/Bluetooth combo modules, then I will have to look elsewhere for modules. This is not an Avnet issue. Avnet has gone over and above what is necessary to try to support us. This is an issue with Broadcom releasing a module that obviously is not ready for prime time. 

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Until Broadcom releases comprehensive documentation on the Bluetooth / BLE API we have to stick to using their example applications.

The GATT database declarations in apps like ble_hello_sensor are *extremely* sensitive to typos in syntax.  I saw in your other post on the Broadcom community that you were having issues with this - my recommendation would be to go over this portion of your code with a fine toothed comb to make sure the syntax is correct. 

It's actually not too difficult to create an application that implements a BLE peripheral basing your code on ble_hello_sensor.  Creating a BLE central is a different story - the bt_smartbridge and bt_internet_gateway designs don't currently fit well within the memory footprint of the BCM4343W's STM32F411 MCU.  Broadcom is working internally on releasing a lighter-footprint BLE central design.