Reconfiguring M14A2A to use with other mobile network (lab) & apn?

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Is it possible to configure M14A2A to accept simcard to attach a different network (plmn) & APN (for lab purpose, not commercial LTE networks) ?

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Hi Fenar,


Yes it should work.  The 14A2A can operate on any network within the supported RF LTE bands but it is only (currently) certified to work live on ATT's APN.


Another person asked if the 14A2A device would work with Gemalto test SIMs and equipment, the answer from the Manufacturer, WNC was that it should work.


The setting of the APN can be done via an AT command.  To use the AT command you can run the 14A2A stand-alone (without the K64F) with a PC and serial terminal through a USB serial port.  See the LTE-Add On kit Getting Started Guide for an example of how to do that using a Raspberry Pi and USB port.  The AT command is: AT%PDNSET=1,"your apn goes here",IP


Alternatively if you modify the out of the box firmware application and change the APN setting in the config_me.h header to what you need and then execute that on the 14A2A through the K64F, that will set the APN.  Once set, the APN actually programs into onboard Non-volatile memory within the 14A2A.


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