Raspberry-pi 3 minicom –b 115200 –D /dev/ttyACM0 access denied

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Hi I am adding ATT starter kit to raspberry pi 3 working with raspberry strech (v 9.3)

I am following the instructions on file titled "LTE IoT Add-on Kit for Raspberry Pi 3
- Getting Started Guide -"

when trying to acsess minicim

minicom –b 115200 –D /dev/ttyACM0


minicom: cannot open /dev/tty8: Permission denied

Any suggestions?

Hi, the problem is that minicom is trying to open '/dev/tty8' not '/dev/ttyACM0'.  That is the reason for the failure. I suggest you start minicom with the '-s' flag and set up the configuratioin as necessary.  That approach may work.  Are you sure that the board is connecting as /dev/ttyACM0?

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Though I'm still having connection troubles to the network due to other issues,

I did get my add-on kit running with raspbian stretch to at least respond to AT commands by 1. using:

sudo minicom -s

then go use the arrows to select serial port setup

replace where it says /dev/tty8 with /dev/ACM0

hit enter,

choose save setup as dfl

reboot the modem , etc.

alas mine still needs to run the command as root using sudo minicom –b 115200 –D /dev/ttyACM0

but it does respond to AT commands after that. Now I just want to see if I can get it on a the network. I may just have to boost some cell signals.


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Yep, I'm done with this thing for my raspberry pi solutions,  so very very poor, I just wanted to connect my machines to my code via a cellular network, I think I'll be going with a skywire solution for my stuff, and leave this device as a paper-weight, when I saw that they can't even install a security cert (in the age of let's encrypt) on a support site-that requests credentials, well, that's telling. I write off that 70 bucks.

the requirement for sudo when using minicom is a linux thing.  Check out https://spremi.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/minicom-enable-access-to-normal-... which may help.

Did you run though the tutorial for connecting to the network. There is a series of steps that you have to perform to enable the board onto the AT&T network.  Since I don't know what you are trying to do, I'm not able to offer much help.