PTCRB & AT&T certification

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I have a two kits:  AES-ATT-M18Q2FG-SK-G, and AES-ATT-M14A2A-IOT-SK-M-G

my question is about the example software that is included, does this demonstrate all of the required SW features to have a device certified as an END device on the AT&T network?

In my mind, there are *TWO* distinct certification requirements.

* All things RF - which includes regulatory (in the USA that means: FCC), and carrier specific RF (which mostly deal with the antenna) -

I am not concerned about this, as the RF engineer will handle this portion of the project - yes, I acknowledge this is a big componet but I must presume the HW/RF engineer will handle these components and requirements.

* All things Software - which if I break down the SW there are 4 parts  (A) my-application code, (B) my-app's network connection, (C) the carrier specific network and test features, (D) the PTCRB lab specific features.

Of course I know my part (A-my-app) and can figure out (B-my-app-network-connection)

My question is this:  What are, and where can I find complete examples of (C-carrier-specific-network-test-features), and likewise the (D-ptcrb-lab-specific-features).

Are these present int he examples code? What is missing? or not implimented  I'm quite confused about these two parts.

The type of certification i'm talking about is this:

Note: That document is very old (from year 2012) I don't know if it is still current, but it for example refers to:  AT&T’s Document 10776


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The code that is used for PTCRB certification is fully contained within the module itself.  The PTCRB tests all issue AT commands to the module directly.  The application code that is provided as a reference is strictly an eLinux application that shows how to use the features/capabilities of the module, it is not used for PTCRB certification.

The firmware that is shipped with the modle is PTCRB certified and I believe that to obtain a new PTCRB certification on a new design would require a modified test suite (because it has completed the testing already, I think what they do is only test the functionallity that has changed).  In the case of someone re-using the M18Qx module, this would most likely involve verifiying RF radiation associated with the Antenna, all the other functionallity associated with the firmware image in the module would be unchanged since it would be the same firmware.


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Hi duane,

AT&T folks asked to share this page which should be the starting point for everyone looking to certify:

You can see from the "AT&T Approved Module" device list on that page, you will find that both of the WNC parts you are using are currently present on the list.

Best Regards,


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Located at the AT&T networkready webpage which Kevin referred you to, is a link to the following 2-page PTCRB overview of the PTCRB requirements: 

Learn more about PTCRB Certification with this PDF   


Attached here is also a listing of the PTCRB details for the Avnet M18Q2FG-1 module 



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