Problem flashing NXP board. Why isn't it recognized as MBED or DAPLINK as in the user guide?

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My Lte-M starter kit does not enact the steps in the getting started guide beginning with plugging USB from a linux machine into the NXP board to copy the binary file into flash.  Instead of coming up as MBED or DAPLINK the USB port comes up as bootloader.  The files shown in the guide as details.txt and MBED.htm are not there.  Instead it is bootload.htm and a system volume folder.  When I copy the binary to this device nothing happens such as SW2 and SW3 lights flashing.  I have already flashed the lte-M firmware to the WNC shield.  

Could you please advise what steps I might take to bring up the proper reponse on the NXP baord?  

Please advise, thanks.
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this means the boot loader for the nxp board is running and the monitor has not been programmed into it. Please go through the steps to program the firmware into the board that are provided on the NXP website (