Pre-programmed Firmware in the BCM4343W Module. And other Questions.

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I recently purchased a module and put it on a PCB. I copied the Starter Kit design except for I omitted the funky FT2232H-QFN64 USB-to-serial converter. Just to verify that the module was working I thought I would program it to be just like the starter kit. But the aws_iot_shadow_prog.bat file relies on the USB-to-serial converter being there, I think.

Is the firmware pre-programmed in the BCM4343W Module usable as is? I tried doing the shadow example like with the Starter Kit but it would not update the Shadow on AWS. Looks like it needs the update provided by  “aws_iot_shadow_prog.bat” file . 

Q0. What Firmware is preprogrammed in the BCM4343W Module? Is that firmware usable as is?

Q1. What files need to be programmed into the model to make it work like the starter kit using the JTAG and UART interface. Is there a procedure for this?

This link in AES-EVB-BCM4343W-G-Tutorial Part2 - App Development using WICED SDK v2.pdf Page 7 is broken:

Download + install additional Reference Designs

Tex Displayed as : (this works)

Actual Address of link: (this does not)


Q2. Is there an updated link available?

Q3. I downloaded and installed WICED Studio Software Development Kit 4.0. I was able to follow Tutorial Part2 up to Page 10 where it says to R-click on the WICED-SDK folder shown in your Make Target panel, then select New…I don't have a WICED-SDK folder and cliking on the Hide Empty Folders icon did not do it for me either. I would attach a screen shot of my IDE but not sure how to do that. I have the following in th eMake Target window:






What am I doing wrong?




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Q0: What Firmware is preprogrammed in the BCM4343W Module?
Factory Test firmware (not intended for user!) 


Q1: What files need to be programmed into the module to make it work like the starter kit using the JTAG and UART interface?
You will need a 3rd-party JTAG programmer, eg. Olimex ARM-USB-TINY. See additional comments here:


Q2: Updated link for additional reference designs? 
(scroll-down to the bottom of page then select Start-up files and Reference Designs)  


Q3: What to do in Make Target panel?
Select + expand the 43xxx_Wi_Fi folder...