Powersupply 24V DC 200mA

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Is the any easy solutions to take a 24VDC/200 mA and transform it to 5VDC/1A to use this as powersupply to the Microsoft Azure Sphere Kit or the avnet MT3620 board ?

I want to take the power from an industrial chip from RS-485 bus and use this as a powersupply to the MT3620 chip but I don't know if this can be done.
AC to AC conversion can give higer current but from my knowlede DC to DC conversions does not give higher current ?


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Hey Daniel, the best you could reasonably expect would be probably about 90% from the 4.8W available from your source using a high efficiency converter. That would give you a best case of maybe 4.25W, or 850mA at 5V. That "may" be enough for some applications but would be less than what the board was designed for. The worst case power consumption of the MT3620 alone is almost 5W, the sphere kit also includes other circuitry that doesn't add a lot of power, but does add some. Bottom line there isn't sufficient current available from the interface you are talking about to support all use cases of the board. That being the case I wouldn't recommend that interface as the source power.

If you are confident that your use case would not be worst case, this configurable power module from MPS would be a good evaluation platform - https://www.monolithicpower.com/en/products/power-modules/configurable-s...

Again, I would be very leery of relying on that source in an end product. I'd study the mediatek datasheet closely to make sure your use case would not draw the max current.