Power consumption - measurement for Global LTE IOT Kit


WNC Model: M18QW

           Apps Version: OE_v01.00.174241

       Firmware Version: M18Q2_v12.09.170553

            MAL Version: malm_75_v02.01.1710180


Hello ,


Following are the observations on the Kit with us 

  • Device  is always taking  60mA (min) to 120mA (max) current with the default  application loaded on the device.
  • Device is not entering into Sleep mode / Idle  Mode 
  • Not able to change the device Airplane mode
  • What environment is required  to measure the 0.86mA for airplane mode as mentioned in the Global LTE Kit HW User guide . Refer 4.3 Section on Power Consumption 



Ravi teja 

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Early production boards require a small hardware modification to support LPM modes:

  • R23 must be populated with 100K resistor (that is removed from R8 location)  
  • R22 must be populated with a 56K2 resistor 


Note: Section 4.3 on Power Consumption (in Global LTE Kit HW User guide) refers to the WNC module-only figures (provided by WNC). Higher power consumption figures seen on the Avnet board are mainly due to:

  • Use of an LDO regulator to provide 3.3V to the Pmod interface
  • LEDs on this board (Power LED, Network LED, User RGB LED)
  • Level shifter circuit and low value pull-up resistors   


Power consumption reduced to a level of just 16 mA has been measured on this board (with the LEDs still in circuit)