Point to point between BCM4343W & another BCM9 device

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I was wondering if there is example code that can be used with the BCM4343W in order to perform a point to point functionality. For example, I also have the BCM943362WCD4 and was able to get the UDP_Transmit and Recieve Examples to work correctly. I would like to use these same kinds of examples on the BCM4343W so that I can have point A being BCM4343W and point B being BCM943362WCD4.

 The closest make target I can find that might match with the BCM4343W in the "make_target_examples.txt" file is "snip.udp_transmit-BCM94343WWCD1-SDIO" I realize that all the make target examples are for BCM9 series and that I am working with BCM4343. Perhaps I am missing something, or perhaps the only examples that can be used with the BCM4343W are under Apps > Demo > Aws_Iot. 

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It's actually possible to use the Avnet BCM4343W design with most of the WICED SDK examples.  The file "make_target_examples.txt" in the "doc" folder isn't actually all-inclusive.  Here are the rough steps you need to follow:

1) Install the platform files for the Avnet BCM4343W board (BCM4343W_AVN).  These files are posted to the Github site:  https://github.com/CloudConnectKits

2) Create the appropriate make target for the design you want to compile.  For example, to compile and run the udp_transmit design, the make target will be:

snip.udp_transmit-BCM4343W_AVN download_apps download run

The "download_apps" command instructs the tools to compile/link parts of the executable to external SPI flash, such as the BCM4343W's internal Wi-Fi radio firmware binary.  This frees up flash memory in the STM32F411 (512KB total).

3) In some cases, you may need to add the BCM94343W_AVN platform to the .mk file within a givin project.  For example, if you wanted to run the "ble_hello_sensor" application, you'll need to modify ble_hello_sensor.mk as follows:

BCM943909WCD* \
BCM943341WCD1 \
BCM943438WLPTH_2 \


Note that the Avnet BCM94343W_AVN platform won't support *all* of the included applications, such as anything that has to do with audio.