Packet Size of HTTP Requests

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We are using your cards to send small packets to our server but for some reason the packets being sent are massive

This is the data we are sending

i:1, o:2, n:10, s:1531243532

it's JSON, your forum wont let me post it in that format though

After running some tests, it should be around 250-300 bytes of data including the necessary headers. However, our packet sizes are currently being sent at 10KB+. We have sent 5,000 requests and have used up over 60MB of data.

Can you help me debug why the packets are so large? Do you add additional headers? Is there other information packed into the request that is created by the Minicomm software?

Thank you

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you are using an M18Qx module in modem mode (talking to it via the AT commands) from an external computer?  Can you verifiy your data is properly sized and the length is correctly specified.  the minicom SW will no add any additional data as it is only receiving data from ADB and not sending anything.  

How are you sending the data, via MAL Json commands?