NXP K64F Board Stopped Working after running the Hello World program - how to get a replacement?


Hello, I just unpacked and starting using my AT&T IoT Starter Kit , LTE-M version - I saw the warning about not plugging in the K64F board into Windows 10, so I used my Mac laptop.

My intention was to get the K64F board up and running and then perform the firmware upgrade so THEN I could use it from my Windows 10 laptop.

I followed the instructions for setting up the NXP MCUXPresso IDE, and was able to get the Hello World program running on the board, monitoring / debugging it through the Eclipse IDE on the Mac.

However, after a few minutes, my Mac OS reported "The Arm MBED Drive was not ejected properly" , and from then on, the NXP board was effectively dead.


The Green power light on the board and the orange RJ45 light on the Ethernet connector will light, but the board is otherwise non-functional.

After power cycling everything with no change, I plugged the K64F board into my Ubuntu computer, and the kernel log reports that it 'saw' a new USB device attached, but the device will not do the USB enumeration.

Is there a possible way , beyond using the reset button, which I tried, to restore this board, perhaps reflashing it through a JTAG connection?  I see what look like 2 possible JTAG connectors on the board, and would need some help knowing which connector to use, and which tools / firmware file to use to re-flash this board.



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Hi, Just curious if you have the 14A2A shield plugged into the K64F board?  Also have you tried different USB cables?  And as another sample point, if you disable Windows 10 storage services there shouldn't be any issue with Win 10.


The instructions for determining if your board is bricked and some recovery options are here:




Also can you be more specific about which Mac OS and platform you were using?  We are unaware of any issues with Mac.


And finally, it depends a little on where you purchased the board as to how to return it.  Did you purchase through ATT, Avnet or Amazon?


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