Not sure what port to connect to PI to WNC

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I am ok now! I rebooted the boards and the /dev/ttyACM0 port described in the guide was there and it works so far.



I got it all wired up but on P18 of the GettingStartedGuide_Pi3_LTE_rv1.pdf it calls setting up minicom communications to /dev/ttyACM0 that is non-existant on my system. I have attached a screen print of my ports (the usb cable is in USB0 on the pi connected to the USB port on the WNC board). 

I am actually running Dexter grovepi header with  robots version of Rasperian OS. I have many sensors hung off this board I am currently planning on using with this project.



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Good news!  Yes officially we only have the resources to support so many different versions of OS.  We chose Jessie Raspbian because it is well supported.  The logic is that if someone is advanced enough to use something different they can therefore figure out how to read between the lines in the user guide.


Minicom is just a serial terminal program, any serial terminal program or Python serial or any other program capable with working with a serial port can be used.


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