New target with spi_slave application

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I am trying to build the following target snip.spi_slave-BCM94343W_AVN-FreeRTOS-LwIP-SDIO and noticed the patform doesn't support all the required API's for spi_slave application.

My end application will have a host controller which will drive the module over SPI and i want to know if that can be supported when using the BCM94343W_AVN platform.

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Please refer to the following forum post on Broadcom's WICED WiFi forum:


Only the SPI master is implemented for all WICED platforms! 
SPI slave is implemented for a subset of platforms at this time.


The SPI slave can be added to other platforms as well by implementing the platform_spi_slave_init(...) on the platform file. 


ie. for BCM94343W_AVN it would be: