New kit arrived today. Constant red LED? Dead on Arrival?

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My kit arrived today. I connected is as per the instruction to my Kali Linux laptop. The green LED is constant and a red LED next to the USB connection is also constant. 

Is the red LED next to the USB suppose to be constant?

Anyway, next

I visited the Mbed compiler and used their quick start guide to create a small program that is supposed to make an LED blink. I compiled the program and dragged and dropped it to the device.

I tried to use the reset button; it does not seem to work.

I manually reboot the system and when I do the bin file is gone?


1. Is the red LED suppose to be always on? (Is this board broke on delivery?)

2. Why does the reset button not work? 

3. Why does the bin file gets deleted when I power cycle the device?

4. Why can't I find an AVNET support email?

5. How do I fix this board or if it is broken how do I get a new one that works?

OR am I a complete tool and doing something very simply wrong?

Need to know ASAP. I have a project I am working on. Otherwise, I will just dispute all charges.