NetX_Duo Internal DHCP Server issue configuration ap - AKA the problem everybody is having with board not working out of box

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When booting the board up the board hangs after the 5 second hold message and fails to post the configuration ap connect info.

In wiced_network.c under the NetX_Duo directory the code fails to exit the while loop below

else if ( config == WICED_USE_INTERNAL_DHCP_SERVER )


/* Create the DHCP Server. */

while ( IP_HANDLE(interface).nx_ip_driver_link_up == NX_FALSE ) // This case happens after p2p moves from group negotiation to starting the group owner







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The out-of-box AWS Shadow App has some issues


- If the User button is pressed too soon, the module does not do it’s DCT erase and go into SofT AP mode


- The Soft AP mode can also be problematic, because by default it uses WiFi channel 1, regardless of how much competition/interference is already on that channel


An easy work-around is to simply hard-code your WiFi and AWS settings into the source code. 

Instructions on how to do this are in the Installation Tutorials


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That's so good!!!

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user button was not pressed (reset was).

Program is running on channel 11 which is completely empty except for the dev kit

Program hangs waiting for NetX_Duo driver to set link up status