looking for details on firmware upgrade so application can use UART2


I need to make an RS232 connection from my application running on the SK2 Linux system to a peripheral (modbus over RS232 serial). 

I see this thread that indicates there is a firmware upgrade available that will allow my application to use UART2: http://cloudconnectkits.org/forum/topic/are-uart1-uart2-global-lte-iot-k...

 This is fantastic that UART2 is available; this device and the toolchain have been working very well for me I just need to get the modbus connection working.


1. Where can I get the new firmware? 
2. Is there a document on how to perform a firmware upgrade?  I see the .bat files referenced in the video as relating to firmware upgrade but I'm hoping for more detailed instructions to ensure that I don't brick my device.
2. Is the software debug facility over UART2 permanently disabled in the upgraded firmware or do I need to do anything special to dedicate UART2 to my application?
3. I see currently on my board the software debug feature is using /dev/ttyHSL0, is UART2 the same device on Linux after the upgrade?



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As mentioned in the other forum thread that you referenced, that APSS_OE_v1.05 version of WNC host mode firmware has not been posted for general distribution, but I shall follow-up in this regard with an email to your gmail address

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Peter, can you please post a link to the new firmware, the link that I see seems to be dead: