Interoperability of SK2 and Mikro Click

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I realize that this community is probably not involved with the developments that AT&T is doing in python, but I'd like to at least get a real understanding of how the Mikro clicks and the SK2 are interoperable in C/C++ because developing them (as someone who hasn't played with open embedded) seems to be quite confusing--like the Mikro libraries are in C/Basic/Pascal but do the libraries only work for their compilers and their specified boards? What would be the best approach to learning how to write the code for clicks like the SD click? I can see there's info in the SDK and an example in the IoT demo, but it's not easy to understand for people who don't have that low level of understanding what is happening. 

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See for some example implementations of Click Boards using the SK2. If you get the samples from MikroE directly, they assume you are using their hardware and their tools.