How to update wifi chip firmware ??

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Using 5.1 SDK on linux am able to build and download apps but the wifi never gets updated.
At boot I always see wifi chip firmware from 2015:

Starting WICED v5.1.0
Platform BCM94343W_AVN initialised
Started ThreadX v5.6
Initialising NetX_Duo v5.7_sp2
Creating Packet pools
WLAN MAC Address : B0:38:29:3D:39:75
WLAN Firmware    : wl0: Nov 25 2015 12:57:14 version (r602358) FWID 01-1920c040
WLAN CLM         : API: 12.2 Data: 7.11.15 Compiler: 1.24.2 ClmImport: 1.24.1 Creation: 2014-05-26 10:53:55 Inc Data: 9.0.5 Inc Compiler: 1.29.4 Inc ClmImport: 1.29.6 Creation: 2015-11-25 12:49:10
 Please wait, connecting to network...

Build/load/run image using commands like:

  ./make demo.aws_iot.shadow-BCM94343W_AVN download run

But linker output never shows firmware image being included in target image ...

Have also tried adding download_apps but that gets a core dump

    ./make demo.aws_iot.shadow-BCM94343W_AVN download_apps
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)
    make: *** [main_app] Error 139


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Are you targeting your own custom hardware or the Avnet BCM4343W IoT Starter Kit?

If this is targeting your own hardware, you may be running into the following issue reported by another user: