Geofencing Supported on Global LTE IOT Kit


WNC Information

              WNC Model: M18QW

           Apps Version: OE_v01.00.174241

       Firmware Version: M18Q2_v12.09.170553

            MAL Version: malm_75_v02.01.1710180


Hello , 

Does the AVnet M18QW module support  Geofencing capabilities to add a zone and get notified when  module enters /exits the zone . Please share the application note and the required API Usage ?


Ravi Teja 



jflynn129's picture

Hi Ravi, there is no intrensic geofencing capabilities in the module. It would have to be implemented as an application using the GPS capabilies of the module. 

An application would need to train the module on the LAT/LONG limits then periodically poll the GPS to determine if the limits were exceeded.