Firmware Releases for Global LTE IOT Kit


WNC Model: M18QW

           Apps Version: OE_v01.00.174241

       Firmware Version: M18Q2_v12.09.170553

            MAL Version: malm_75_v02.01.1710180


Hello , 



  1. What is the nomenclature for the Firmware version ? 
  2. Device Kernel Logs indicate the above Firmware release indicate Debug version . Can you please confirm ?
  3. Is there a  seperate firmware release version  to be used for Device Power  Measurement ?
  4. What is the procedure for the firmware update ?


Ravi Teja  

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Partial answer here to your multiple questions:


Firmware Nomenclature:
MPSS = modem firmware version,
eg. M18Q2_v12.09.182151
APSS = apps firmware version (Open Embedded Linux)
eg. OE_v01.05.182421

WNC Connection Manager (WNCCM) is used to upgrade the WNC module firmware. The WNCCM tool may be downloaded via the AT&T quickstart page


(Details on upgrading the WNC host mode firmware have been sent to you via email)