Firmware change

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I have previously updated (5 month ago) the firmware to a "AT&T IoT Starter Kit (LTE-M)" without problem.

Now to an ":Add On Kit" I'm trying to change the firmware to the LTE-M.

Since I have the WNCCM and the drivers and the firmware for LTE-M (from the previous upgrade) i started the firmware change and I got the error below were to files are missing.

I uninstalled everything and reinstalled a newer version for the WNCCM and the same drivers and firmware. The problem remains the same.


Error Message from WNCCM::

Please check firmware image if exist adb.exe and fastboot.exe
Unzipping fail
Please wait...

The execution result: FAIL



Thanks in advance for your help



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This error occurs when the file is not found by adb.exe

You may try simply 'sudo adb devices' and see if the device is recognized before trying to upgrade.  If you can get the device recognized by ADB, it should upgrade.  This was a change that WNC made to their tools a while ago but probably after you did the last upgrade...

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thanks for your answer. I tried some things but still can't upgrade to LTE-M.

I am working on windows 10 and followed the 3 steps from the bios upgrade guide.

1) downlosd drivers

2) download and install WNCCM

3) download image

then select image and upgrade.

after that I get the error that I posted before missing ADB and Fastboot

so I installed ADB and Fastboot

and executed the command "ADB devices"  in the command window from ADB

The system responded 

- daemon not running: starting now at tcp:5037

- daemon started successfully

then I tryied again to upgrade but received the same error

What shall I do, I need to upgrade 24 boards.

Maybe with the Raspberry?