Connect kit M18Q2FG-1 to LTE simulator: CMW500

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Hello All!

I am trying to connect M18Q2FG-1  starter kit to LTE simulator.

The modul doesn't read Test SIM card of CMW500 (LTE simulator) and not connecting with provided SIM of AT&T due to default configurations in the equipment.

Did somebody succieded to work with LTE simulator and the M18Q2FG-1  kit? Which SIM did you used?

Best regards, Arkady.

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Hi Arkady, 

From my previous experience with CMW500 you should use a Rohde & Schwarz SimCard, or if you have a SimCard from other vendor (e.g. Gemalto SimCard) that you know the security keys you can input the keys in CMW500 as well.


Best regards,