Confused about sign up process

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1.  I made my new account at

2.  I received an email confirming my registration.

3.  I go to and try to sign in but the credentials I created in step 1 were not accepted.  If I register here as a new user, Amazon is asking me for a credit card number.

Am I suppposed to be using the same credentails or am I supposed to be creating a brand new account with AWS?  

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  1. Go to and enter your name, company and context of the IoT Starter Kit use as requested.
  2. Click CREATE YOUR AWS ACCOUNT button at bottom of that page
  3. On the AWS webpage that follows this, click on the CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT button.
  4. Click NEW TO AMAZON link and provide your name, email address and a password
  5. Complete the CONTACT INFORMATION form with the details requested by AWS
  6. Complete the PAYMENT INFORMATION form with your credit card details
    This is needed by AWS in case you exceed the 250000 messages/month free tier limit for AWS IoT service (and/or the limits of other AWS services). Cost of AWS IoT service beyond the free 250K messages/month limit is $5/million messages.