Changing Active Time and Wakeup Time


WNC Model: M18QW

           Apps Version: OE_v01.00.174241

       Firmware Version: M18Q2_v12.09.170553

            MAL Version: malm_75_v02.01.1710180




How to test and verify the device low power mode,  suspend & resume.?

How to halt or shutdown the device?

How to change the Active time & Wakeup time  ?

How can We access the source code for PSM test , autotest application shipped with the device ?



Ravi Teja 


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Low Power Mode is available in latest APSS_OE_v1.05 version WNC host mode firmware. 

A new API named set_lpm is provided for this function in the MAL Manager. See page 78 of [WNC M18Qx] WNC MAL Manager JSON API v2.2_20180608.pdf  


(Details on this firmware upgrade have been sent to you via email)