Cellular IoT Kit Binary File

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In the getting started, Step 10,  I downloaded and copied over the .bin file.

A couple of questions about .bin files in general -

Q. After restarting the board and viewing the directory contents,  I don't see file anymore, but it still executes upon boot up.  So where did it go?


Q. Is only one .bin file allowed at one time?   



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Hi,  The binary when it is first copied from the PC temporarily sits in RAM memory.  The mbed program is a 2nd boot program that is always programmed into the K64F board.  This mbed program copies the application binary from RAM into the K64F flash memory.  When the board is rebooted it runs the the mbed program, which checks to see if it can find an application binary in flash memory.  If it does it runs the application binary.  When the board is rebooted the RAM contents are cleared and so also is the binary that was copied.  Only 1 application at a time can be loaded with the way the mbed boot program works.


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