Can't pair snip BLE examples with iOS devices

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I've been trying to connect the BCM94343W board via BLE to iOS devices and haven't had success.

I deployed all BLE examples of the WICED SDK 6 (app/snip/bluetooth/*), like the ble_hello_sensor, and they work with Moto G4 Plus (Android) just fine, but I couldn't get my iOS devices to find the BCM94343W board.

I tried with an iPhone 7 (iOS 10.2.1), iPhone 8 (iOS 11.2.6) and iPad 4 (iOS 10.3.3).

The ble_hello_sensor, for instance, even mentions that it should work with apple devices:

* 3. On application start the device acts as a GATT server and advertises itself as Hello Sensor

* 4. Connect to GATT server using one of the LE clients (LEExplorer(android)) or (BLE Utility(Apple Store))

* 5. Once connected the client can read Hello sensor characteristics


Can you please help me pair the avnet board with apple devices via BLE?


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There should not be any issue with connecting to iOS devices!


For this type of topic (specific to the capabilities of the Cypress device rather than the Avnet hardware) I recommend posting your question to the Cypress forums, where it will be reviewed by a wider group of technical resources, eg.


Cypress also provide guidance there on topic of BLE using their combo devices, eg the following blog article: