bt_mfg_test & wiced_bt_uart_config.flow_control

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By using stock WICED SDK 3.5.2 with platform files from

I use target "test.bt_mfg_test-BCM94343W_AVN download run" to download bt_bfg_test to Avnet Starter Kit.

(Bluetool is not availble from Broadcom/Cypress, and they suggest mbt)

With mbt software provided in WICED-SDK-3.5.2/tools/mbt I test it with "mbt reset COMx", where x is the COM port number.

And the result is :

    E:\Broadcom\mfg\mbt\Release>mbt reset COM11
    Sending HCI Command:
    0000 < 01 03 0C 00 >

    (hanging here until I stop it with Ctrl+C)


Oddly, I've seen another customized platform file for SPIL N08 module (BCM94343W also), which is modified from stock BCM94343WWCD1, that works fine on SPIL N08 with the same test method on above. This customized platform file also works for all samples in SDK that I've tried on Avnet Starter Kit, including bt_mfg_test. By comparing and guessing, I tried to modify the stock BCM94343W_AVN platform file as follows :

    /* Bluetooth UART configuration. Used by libraries/bluetooth/internal/bus/UART/bt_bus.c */

    const platform_uart_config_t wiced_bt_uart_config =


        .baud_rate    = 115200,

        .data_width   = DATA_WIDTH_8BIT,

        .parity       = NO_PARITY,

        .stop_bits    = STOP_BITS_1,

        //    .flow_control = FLOW_CONTROL_DISABLED,

        .flow_control = FLOW_CONTROL_CTS_RTS,


And with this modification I tried again with target "test.bt_mfg_test-BCM94343W_AVN download run" and mbt seems to respond as expected.

    E:\Broadcom\mfg\mbt\Release>mbt reset COM11
    Sending HCI Command:
    0000 < 01 03 0C 00 >
    Received HCI Event:
    0000 < 04 0E 04 01 03 0C 00 >

-------------- End of tests and explanation ------------



Question 1 : Is bt_mfg_test working out-of-box ? Is so, why it was hanged in my first test ? How to I test it ?

Question 2 : Is my modification to platform file valid for general use ? Is there any impact on performance, stability or something ?

                  (So far I don't see strange thing, but I believe Broadcom/Cypress/Avnet do release platform files with reasonings.)

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For applications that make use of Bluetooth functionality, it is recommend you upgrade your WICED SDK development tools to the latest 3.7.0-3 version.


The applicable BCM94343W_AVN platform files are available for download from: