Bi-directional WICED USB Serial Port


I am using the Avnet AES-BCM4343W eval board and our project requires that the serial debug port be bi-directional.


Does the "WICED USB Serial Port" support bi-direction or is it output only from an eval board.


If it does support 2-way communication where/what is the api for the board to receive data from the serial port?


If it does not support 2-way communication can the code be modified to do so?



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Two UARTs are available on the Avnet BCM4343W IoT Starter Kit. From a software perspective these peripherals are labeled in WICED SDK as WICED_UART_1 and WICED_UART2.


The ...\BCM94343W_AVN\platform.h file for this board defines which of these two UARTs is used as the STDIO device for printf output and keyboard input.


WICED_UART_1 by default provides your serial debug console via the built-in FTDI serial to USB converter.

This serial port is bidirectional either via the USB cable or it's JX4.1 (RxD) and JX4.2 (TxD) shield connector pins


WICED_UART_2 is also routed to shield connector pins:
JX3.1 (RxD) and JX3.2 (TxD)  
Refer to the Hardware Guide document for more information. 


Use the ...apps\snip\uart example in WICED SDK as a starting point for your own UART based applications