Avnet_ATT_Cellular_IOT Out-of-Box (OOB) Application Code Updated

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Hello Folks,


I just wanted to update everyone on a code change we made to the OOB application that will help improve behavior with the LTE-M firmware used on the M14A2A shields shipping with SK1 and the Add-On Kits.


We found that an unsolicited AT RRCSTATE notification from the LTE model was interfering with DNS resolution which was introduced with release of the NQ_MPSS_IMA3_v10.58.174043 LTE-M firmware and we implemented a solution which disables ALL unsoliceted responses (according to the documentation these notifications should be off by default just like the CAT-1 firmware) per WNC suggestions.





Many thanks to @LightCollector for his wisdom and guidance in finding an elegant workaround.  Hopefully, this proves useful to others who use the OOB example code as well.


Best Regards,