Avnet Global LTE IoT Starter Kit and GPS question

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Hi, I am interested in purchasing the Avnet Global LTE IoT Starter Kit. It seems like the only kit that has GPS in it. I had a few questions-

1. Do these kits have schematics or pinouts anywhere for reference design and debug? 

2. Does the GNSS kit have assisted GPS capability and stand long GPS capability? 


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Hi ragbagger,


All of the Avnet kits have public schematics and the pinout documentation comes from the part's own specs.


The GPS capabilities will be what comes with the M18QW and M18Q2 parts that are offerred from WNC.  They will utilize N.A. GPS and GLONASS.  Sorry but at this time on the this forum I cannot offer any specific data on the parts, not until the kit is released which we hope will be soon.  If you need more immediate information please contact your local Avnet sales office.  They too will have to jump through some hoops, the documents for those parts are still NDA and not yet released to the public.


Best regards