ATT_AWS_IoT_demo project for Kinetis Design Studio

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Hi Guys, I'm new to the ATT AWS IoT demo kit and I've been trying unsuccessfully for a week to export the ATT_AWS_IoT_demo​ so I can use it offline with Kinetis Design Studio 3.x.

I could export the mbed OS and compile it to a library but when I export the ATT_AWS_IoT_demo​ project the KDS is giving me all kind of errors when I try to compile and some of them don't even make a sense. So is it possible for you guys to give me a link where I can download working offline ATT_AWS_IoT_demo project for KDS?




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Hi,  No one that I know of has this.  Start with the mbed developer online tools and export for your tool chain.  You shouldn't have to compile all of mbed, just the application which has worked for me in the past for other projects.  It could be a toolchain problem in which case you should contact NXP.


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A bit late, but may help someone else.

I too have been struggling with trying to use the offline KDS, though it seems to be getting easier, somewhat of a learning curve and I'm also trying to integrate some other library code.

What worked for me, and please if this is not correct, let me know:

The first and largest problem is that you need to ensure mbed_config.h is included in the compile statements for the C/C++ files. You do this with the compiler settings within the KDS project:

- select your project in the project explorer

- right click then select properties

- on the properties select C/C++ Build, then select settings

- scroll down to "Cross ARM C Compiler" then select "Includes"

- on the right side bottom pane with heading "Include files" ( you do not want the top one "Include paths) click on the greem + icon "Add"

- click on the "Workspace" button

- the next dialog may be somewhat different, it may show all the projects in your workspace, select and drill down your project of interest. You are looking for "mbed_config.h", which is in the projects top level.

- select "mbed_config.h" and click "OK"

- when returned to "Add file path" you should see something like the following, although I have at times had the full pathname to the file. Either way should work:


- click OK on the "Add file path dialog

- repeat the above for "Cross ARM C++ compiler Includes.

- run a clean build and try the build again.

You may also see a problem at link time. There was a point in time where the mbed exporter for KDS was broken in that there were a couple of "#define" statements in one of the files used at link time, but I believe that has been fixed.

Seems this include, if this is indeed the correct way of handling this, could also be an mbed exporter sort of thing....