AT&T Cellular IoT Starter Kit Quick Start Card - Instruction Steps

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I found a couple minor gliches in the URL referenes on the printed getting started card vs the actual online resources.  Check Steps 1, 7 ans 9.

Also, there are a couple "case-sensitive" URL's which is wasn't expecting.

I was able to complete all steps and it appears to be working, however, there are not any steps to verify AT&T status of data received.  I'm just looking at that now and I see a problem which I will share with in another forum topic.



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Hi,  Thanks for the advice.  We will take a look.  You are the 1st person to bring this up, so maybe nobody else was actually reading it :-)  The bad news is that we can only fix this for future kits since they have been already printed.  We can fix the online one though.

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