AT&T Cellular IoT Starter Kit

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I just received my AT&T IoT Starter Kit and had difficulties installing it. My questions are:

Question 1

While trying to follow steps 6 and 7 under the "How to run the examples" section of the above webpage, the following two links don't work when trying to Import Library (see associated error messages). Could you please help? I am trying to get my first example running with this new AT&T IoT Starter Kit. Thanks much.
The remote repository doesn't exist.

You don't have permission to import the remote repository.

Question 2

Step 9 of the same section "How to run the examples" asks the user to create a file named main.cpp, and paste in any of the examples. Modify the M2X API Key, device ID or stream name as needed by the examples. Where can these examples be found?

Question 3

The AT&T IoT Starter Kit came with a WNC cellular board (shield that sits on top of the NXP Freedom Board), a SIM card, and an extra sensors board from Silicon Labs (humidity/temperature and proximity/UV/ambient light). I would have hoped to find video or a webpage with instructions on how to:

       a) Assemble this cellular shield on top of the NXP Freedom board, location of its firmware, and how to load, build and download its firmware using Kinetis Design Studio IDE
       b) Register the SIM card and make sure it works with the Starter Kit and M2X
       c) How to assemble the Silicon Labs sensory board, i.e. what pins, where, and on what board? The main NXP board or the cellular shield?
       d) If the cellular shield is connected to the NXP board, does that mean that the Ethernet cable connected to the NXP board can be removed?


I would like to know how to flash the NXP board to get acceleration data from its onboard sensor onto the M2X Cloud and how to flash the NXP board + cellular shield + Silicon Labs additional sensor to get humidity data from it onto the M2X Cloud. I am missing clear setup guidelines with step-by-step documentation that guides me through the process of evaluating this Starter Kit. Your help is much appreciated.



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Hi Peman,

Thank you for your queries and I apologize for the length of time between your post and this response.  Although the kit was announced at the AT&T Shape conference on July 15, the official launch and first shipments of the kit are scheduled for mid-August.   To that end we have been creating step-by-step guides that should address most of your questions.  Some of the documents are already posted in the documentation section of this site, but the main "Getting Started Guide" is in the final stages and should be posted early next week (August 15).


I am using windows 10. The bootloader drive shows up for 30 seconds and then dissappears. If I unplug usb and reinsert, it shows up again for 20 seconds

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This is not always but is commonly caused by trying to power the K64F Freedom board with its usb connector with the Cellular Shield attached.  If you have the shield attached you need to power the boards with the kit's supplied adapter in the usb connector on the celluler modem board for the power supply connector (there are 2 of them).  Then plugin the USB connector on the K64F to the PC. 


Another not that uncommon side effect is if you attempted to flash in a new program with it being only powered by the K64F usb connector.  This messes up the K64F flash and you will need to re-program the mbed binary.


It is also possible but less common that you received a K64F board that does not have mbed programmed or it became corrupted.  The bootloader is fixed in unwritable flash and to be able to drop and drag program new mbed binaries into the K64F, the part needs to have the mbed binary programmed.  This is documented in the getting started guide for the kit.


There is the possibility of a bad or damaged K64F board but I hane yet to see that, to get it to even display the bootloader drive means the K64F is alive.


I am very happy to help you but it would make it easier in the future that when you have a problem like this, to post it as a new topic in the forum.  This makes it more obvious to other forum members who may also be able to provide addtional insight.  It also makes it easier for us to keep track of things.


Best Regards