Are UART1/ UART2 on Global LTE IOT Kit Reserved for Pre-defined System Function?


WNC Model: M18QW

           Apps Version: OE_v01.00.174241

       Firmware Version: M18Q2_v12.09.170553

            MAL Version: malm_75_v02.01.1710180



Our requirement is to connect external BLE SOC  to WNC Module  on UART Ports .  Are the UART1/ UART2 interface can be used  for this purpose ? Can the iot Application  access the connected interface thorugh Software Library?

Appreciate any info/inputs  in this regard .




Ravi Teja 




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Yes, UART2 is available for general purpose use in latest APSS_OE_v1.05 version WNC host mode firmware. 
(Details of this firmware upgrade have been sent to you via email)